Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ten things you didn’t know about Thailand

by Zane, age 8

1.)    You are allowed to put four people on a moped. (I did it with Bao, mom and Roam)                                                                  
2.)    Boys have to say kop at the end of every sentence. Girls have to say kaa.  
3.)    Thais take 6 cold showers a day to stay cool and clean.
4.)    On Koh Yao Noi 98% of the people are Muslim and 2% are Buddhist.
5.)    Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.
6.)    The toilets are squat toilets. Instead of toilet paper they use a squirter and water.
7.)    To pray to the Buddha you hold 3 or more sticks of incense.
8.)    A lot of Thais sleep during the hot part of the afternoon.
9.)    People here really love the king.
9.) Monks wear orange robes, shave their heads and have no possessions.

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